4 Easy and Creative Ways to Make Your Blog More Engaging

blogging Dec 01, 2021



Running low on engagement for your personal blog, even if you are generating original, creative content for your audience? Sometimes, you’ll find that it all lies in your website management strategies and the technical details.

If you are writing good long-form content for your blog but aren’t supporting it with good visuals, engaging website design, and an optimized platform, then that could be the reason why you are not getting the engagement that you want.

To maximize the full potential of your blog, here are some tips and tricks to follow to make your blog blossom.

Check Your Site Speed

Websites these days need to be optimized for quick loading speeds. Otherwise, readers are more likely to go back and find another website they can view instead. You may have all the answers they were looking for, but if your page doesn’t load fast enough, you will lose visitors.

As a general rule, you could lose over 20 percent of your viewers for every second that your site takes extra to load. To make sure you have the optimal site speed, use faster servers and make your design as minimal as possible.

High graphics will take much longer to load, and you can use specific tools that will tell you what is causing your website to lag.

Optimize Your Photo Usage

One of the big reasons for longer site loads is using big graphics and images on your blog. Photos are a crucial component of your content, which means you have to optimize it for better use. 

While it’s true that you shouldn’t use too big images, you shouldn’t compromise the quality of the images as well. We recommend that you use professional-looking images to accompany your content, as it also boosts your credibility.

Don’t use any images that look too much like clip art or look like you simply grabbed it from a cheap stock photo site. Curate your photos to make sure they still communicate the brand image correctly.

Have Website Design That Is Mobile-Friendly

With everyone having access to smartphones these days, more often than not, your viewers will be reading your blog through their mobile. When you use a platform that uses mobile integration, it will be more digestible for your viewers. It is a great way to boost your SEO in the process.

Make sure all elements of your website are translated well into the mobile platform so that even menu trays and buttons are accessible to your audience.

Typography Matters

When it comes to making a blog, it’s not just the content that matters, but the design of your website, too. Every thought that goes into your design process is well received by the audience, boosting your engagement significantly. 

Even making decisions about your typography is important. When you choose the right font, color, and size, you increase your viewer’s readability, which improves the user experience.

If your audience is not thinking about anything but reading what you have to say, then you are doing a great job.


Creating content for your blog is one thing, but making sure your platform improves upon it makes all the difference. Your audience will be more inclined to engage with your content if it is delivered in a neat, aesthetically pleasing package.

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