4 Accessories to Improve Your Dungeons and Dragons Sessions

d&d Sep 08, 2021



Table-top role-playing games generally do not require special tools to play. In many cases, all you need is dice, pencils and paper, and a bit of improv and creativity. However, many accessories and implements have been created to make gameplay easier and more efficient. Some are as simple as things you can put on a table to make things more organized, while others have gone so far as customising entire tables to fit the gamer. 

Dungeons and Dragons is more popular now than it has ever been. Newer and better accessories to make the game easier are developed every day, from digital platforms for online play to character sheet apps to facilitate gameplay. However, there are some accessories that definitely stand out in terms of benefits, and here are some of them:


While there are plenty of dice rolling apps, nothing beats the sensation of actually hearing the dice rattle in your own hands. It’s among the essential physical accessories that TTRPG players will need to play. Hearing the clicks and clacks on the table is a sound you’ll always love.

Dice come in various designs. There are metal dice and sharp-edge dice, dice made from hardened resin with flowers in them, and so on. Remember that high-level spells require many dice, which is why it pays to have enough at your disposal. As the adage goes, you can never have too many dice.

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Battle Map

In Dungeons and Dragons, having a battle map makes the game easier for the players and the Dungeon Master. It serves as a guide that makes the gameplay more bearable and combat easier. The battle map plots out the terrain so players can focus on their next move.

People who played DnD would use plain paper or whiteboards to draw maps themselves. However, this method can be much more challenging. Owning a battle map elevates the game, makes it easier and provides a way to repeat the game. A map should be on top of the list when it comes to buying physical accessories.


It helps to have visual representations of your character. Miniatures are a fun addition to any game, especially since there are now many options to customise your own. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and creativity. 

Dice Trays

Rolling the dice is fun, but keeping them on the table is the worst—especially when they end up on the floor and players have to crawl under furniture to find them. This is why dice trays were designed. A dice tray is usually just a felt-lined tray where you can roll the dice. It has walls to prevent the dice from moving off the table during a game. They come in various sizes and colours, which can make the playing table look more impressive. 


Dungeons and Dragons does not necessarily require these accessories. However, buying these items will improve your gameplay. But keep in mind that the game depends on the players’ relationship with their dungeon master. Accessories are fun, but TTRPGs depends on the players’ imaginations. At the end of the day, it’s all about the group you’re with and the type of game you want to play.

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