3 Tips to Boost Your Streaming Numbers

streaming Oct 02, 2020

When you first start streaming on platforms like Twitch, you may find yourself wondering which games can get you the most viewers. Unfortunately, the answer to this is not as simple as “do this and succeed.” Many factors are involved in increasing your viewership, and that includes the games you pick. If you are wondering how you can boost your stream viewership, here are the things you will need to consider.

1. Look at viewer-to-streamer ratios

Some games are more popular than others. This might cause you to play games that attract a lot of viewers on Twitch, but this does not mean that you will gain any attention at all. Many of the high-profile games already have established streamers playing them, not to mention hundreds upon thousands of other streamers streaming similar content. All of this increases your competition, and you might only attract a couple of viewers if you are new to it all.

For that reason, it is vital that you carefully look at viewer-to-streamer ratios. Typically, you would want to stream games that have plenty of viewers but a lack of channels. This leads to less competition, allowing yourself more room to attract more attention and create a following.

2. Network with other streamers

If you are hell-bent on playing only the popular games (or even if you are not), you will need to start networking. When you get to know other streamers, especially the popular ones, the chances are that they will give you a shout-out every so often. If you interact with them frequently, their viewers may also visit your channel to see what you have to offer. 

In a highly competitive environment, the difference between success and failure can all lie in how big your network is. Generally, the more top streamers you know – and the better you know them – the likelier it is you will succeed. That said, this does not mean you should only try to reach out to established names. You can also work with other smaller streamers and create a larger community to help each other succeed.

3. Show off your Gaming skills

More often than not, people will watch your content to learn about the game if you are an “expert.” For example, if you are particularly good at playing a particular class in a game, average players will come to you and ask for tips. In most cases, there are many more average players than there are skilful ones. If you have that advantage, put it to good use!

Always remember that gamers are constantly trying to get better. If you are better than most in a specific game, be open to educating them!


Keep these tips in mind, and before you know it, your three-viewer count will slowly rise to tens, hundreds, and possibly thousands. Just remember throughout that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Rome was not built in a day, and the same can be said about your stream.

Remember to expand your reach to other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and more. The more venues you advertise your stream, the faster you are going to grow!

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