3 Tips for Popping Your Online Gaming Cherry

gaming Jun 19, 2020

Are you planning to leave the comforts of a single-player game and delve into the more complicated world of multiplayer? We won’t blame you if you feel a little intimidated by the task. After all, you are interacting with other people and there is no telling how they will treat you. Most, if not all, online multiplayer games will unfortunately have people that will push new players around, and sometimes quite roughly. Fortunately for you, we have compiled some tips to help you get through that newbie phase unscathed:


1. Do not invest too much

First things first, when you hop into a game, do not invest too much time or money into it. This is especially true if you are playing a free-to-play game, or even a pay-to-win game. 

Free-to-play games, also known as F2P, earn money through online stores where you can buy different items. While you might tell yourself to stay strictly F2P, progress in the game can become quite slow, enticing you to pay for faster advancement. This is the trap of F2P games. Meanwhile, pay-to-win games, also known as P2W, can be played freely, however you can pay to gain a considerable advantage over others.

While there is nothing wrong with playing these types of games, always be mindful of what you are getting into and how much money you’re spending.


2. Play with friends

Perhaps the best way to play any game is to play it with friends. Not only is it much more fun, but you can help each other out and overcome in-game obstacles together.

That said, if you don’t have friends to game with, feel free to make online friends. There are many online gaming communities, each with their own different purpose. You might find communities full of fun-loving people that just enjoy the game, or you might find groups full of members that are hell-bent on being number one on the leaderboards. Of course, the community you choose will be up to you, but try to choose the one that fits you best.


3. Learn the game

While at times, it can be fun to blindly enter a multiplayer game and just learn from there, doing this can be quite a hellish way to start. In fact, without knowing how to play or what to do, you can easily ruin the experience and find yourself not wanting to play the game anymore.

To fix this, always do some preliminary research about the game you are about to play. For example, check out beginner guides online to see tips offered by pros, and learn what kind of content is available. That way, you’ll know the basics of the game right off the bat, as well as what to expect as you progress. While this might ruin some of the surprise elements, it helps you know what is available to do, rather than leaving you clueless.



Probably the most crucial tip to keep in mind is to prioritize making your first online gaming experience full of fun and adventure. That’s right—the most important piece of advice we have for you is to just enjoy the game! That’s the whole point of gaming anyway, right? Armed with the tips we’ve shared above, we hope that your first online gaming experience ends up being a memorable one. 

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