3 Reasons Middle-Aged Geeks Should be Playing Tabletop Games

tabletop gaming Oct 12, 2020


There are all sorts of hobbies that people love and enjoy. For some, it is the thrill of diving towards planet Earth with nothing but some pieces of cloth sewn together to slow their fall for a safe landing. For others, it is as simple as sitting down in their homes and enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a cigar. Age can also come into play with these hobbies. The thrill of driving a speedy motorbike may not be suitable for older folks, and perhaps sitting down at the races is not so appealing for the younger ones.

So the question is, what kind of hobby is excellent for middle-age individuals looking to add some spice to their life? No, it is not a pub.

No, it’s not that either, get your mind out of the gutter!

 We are talking about tabletop games! Here is why.

1. Tabletop Gaming can be Budget-Friendly

For many people, finances are one of the most significant factors when it comes to choosing a new hobby. For those with unlimited cash flow, their hobby could be collecting the latest and greatest supercars. However, those with some sense of budgeting may opt for simpler hobbies, and that includes tabletop gaming. Plus, with a little bit of extra money, any tabletop can be spiced up. For example, if you and your friends love to drink, bringing a bottle or two of beer or wine can undoubtedly give the activity a different feel. Buying specific miniatures for characters, or producing maps can also make tabletop gaming feel more personal and exciting.

Or head stright into D&D and spends yoru fortune amassing a tresuare horde of drice…


2. One Thousand for the Price of One

While there are certainly expensive tabletop games out there; including one that requires you to purchase hundreds of different figures to generate an army, they are still a lot more affordable than many other hobbies. Think of it like this; rather than paying a few pounds on a movie ticket for an hour or two of excitement, invest a little more on tabletop games that can give you hundreds or even thousands of hours of fun. Many of these games can also be resold at almost the same – or even higher – value, which means you would certainly be able to get your money back should the time come that you want to stop playing tabletop games.

3. A Great Way to Make Friends (and more!)

If you are single, it’s easy to feel like no one out there wants to spend time with you. Don’t let thoughts like this get to you! Instead, consider this as your cue to start playing some tabletop. Plenty of other adults also enjoy tabletop gaming, including the younger ones. Not only will this allow you to make new friends, but even feel younger! Plus, when you share the same love for tabletop with another individual, you might even end up becoming more than just friends.



Tabletop games are a whole lot of fun, especially if you have got good friends or are willing to make new ones to play with. Not only are tabletop games affordable and easy to get into, but they are also healthy for your mind. Nothing beats having to quickly strategize your play for the victory. Well, Sudoku might achieve the same goal, but that is boring! With hundreds of different tabletop games to be enjoyed, you will not find yourself short of exciting and memorable moments. So, do not be afraid to get out there and try out tabletop! Plenty of people are enjoying it, and you should too.

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