3 Life Skills Children Can Learn From Playing Board Games

tabletop gaming Dec 08, 2020


Board games: The staple of human cultures across the world and one of the most creative ways to have fun and exercise the brain at the same time. We can’t imagine a life without them today. 

Whether you’re in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, across Europe including the home of modern gaming – Germany – you have probably experienced the magical fun that comes with board games. In fact, during your younger years, you probably played a whole host of different games, a handful of which might be in your closet, waiting to be played again during your next social event! 

While we see board games as a pastime almost exclusively to be played on the weekends, there’s still one group that can heavily benefit from playing them as much as possible: Our kids.

Board games are the best teachers

No matter how big, small, or extended your family is, the board games that you have lying around will surely be of great help for any child’s development.

As they grow older and more self-conscious, children take it upon themselves to start fostering certain skills that will play key roles in their development as adults. Although a school can help with picking up some things, there are specific skills that can be taught and imparted to kids far more effectively through the use of board games. 

Let’s look at some of the most common skills that board games can help children cultivate: 

Life skill #1: Patience

Whether it’s Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, or Avalon, board games yield a valuable opportunity for kids to exercise their patience and refine it.

Your inner geek may already be proud to see your little one get the hang of playing your favourite games, but the really admirable trait is when they start to become more patient. From preparing for the right time to strike, to waiting for their turn to move, playing board games will ensure that your child develops patience in the most engaging way possible! 

Life skill #2: Problem-solving

While board games are simple pieces of cardboard, plastic, and metal that come with booklets and manuals, they’re also surprisingly effective at fostering problem-solving skills in children compared to digital methods.

When your child starts to understand the rules of a board game and then plays against other kids or older friends that don’t hold back, they’re forced to develop their problem-solving skills. Once all the challenges are understood, each game session will help children refine their ability to work their way around issues and think outside of the box, leading to a lifetime of refined thinking! 

Do you want to learn more about how you can help your little one nurture their problem-solving skills by teaching them how to play their favourite board game better? Our community experts at Coaching For Geeks can help!

Life skill #3: Communication

Whether it’s with teammates, game masters, or opponents, your child is bound to start refining their communication skills as they become more invested in playing board games. Over time, you’ll quickly notice that their ability to speak their mind, convey messages, and reason or negotiate (and even lead) will improve as they play more!


Board games have played a significant part in many of our lives, and they also hold the potential to make a difference to your children, helping them prepare for a better tomorrow. If you want to help your kids gain valuable skills that they can use to write their own narratives and lead successful, fulfilling lives, then be sure to introduce them to board games today!

If you want to learn more about geek culture to help your little one foster a love for their favourite board game, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us at Coaching for Geeks to learn more about how we can help!




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