3 Brand-Building Tips to Get Started Earning on Twitch

branding streaming Feb 22, 2022

Everyone has a dream job. This could be anything from detailing vehicles to painting pictures, anything that someone finds fun and lucrative. 

Since the introduction of streaming, many people have begun to dream of being paid to stream. Such dreams have come true for many on Twitch. People stream all sorts of things, and get paid through subscriptions, donations, sponsors, and more.

Is your dream job to stream on Twitch and get paid for it? If so, the most important thing to do is to build a brand! Here is how to do it.


1. Understand yourself

The first thing you must always do is get to know yourself. What interests you? Are there passions or hobbies you have? What do you often watch on Twitch? Questions like these will help you identify what you enjoy and the things on which you can focus your streams. 

Remember, streaming things you are passionate about is essential. While getting burnt out is normal, streaming what you enjoy can reduce that effect and even eliminate it. On the other hand, streaming something you do not like will only hasten burnout and exhaustion.


2. Select a specific topic

Once you have created a list of the things that interest you, choose one viable for streaming. You could create all the content in the world about a particular topic, but if there is no audience for it, your channel will never grow.

With that in mind, always check for the factors regarding your area of interest. For instance, look at the competition and see how many people are producing similar content. You can also look at groups and subgroups for your focus to see if there is a sizable amount of people who show the same passion. Pick a topic that has an audience. That way, you would have someone to attract.


3. Identify the audience

With the topic figured out, now you must start targeting an audience. Sure, you could try to attract everyone, but in doing that, you would essentially attract no one since your content would not interest anyone in particular. 

To understand who your target audience is, you can do a few things. For example, you can look at similar Twitch channels to see who they are and what they are interested in. You can also go around the groups they are in, such as Discord servers or Reddit groups. These are all great sources to help you more thoroughly understand your audience, allowing you to create unique content that interests them greatly.



All the tips above can help create your Twitch brand, similar to how a company develops its brand. Your brand should be an image of yourself that other people can identify and even relate to. By following the tips above, you could capture a specific audience, bringing viewers into your channel, and growing your Twitch streams! In the long run, this can translate to sponsorships, subscriptions, and many more that can allow you to start earning.

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