Landing a Gaming Sponsorship - A Guide for Streamers

streaming Apr 25, 2022


Gaming sponsorships are fantastic opportunities for any type of streamer. They are essential in helping you purchase better equipment and boost your presence in the community. Sponsorships are one of the best ways to earn a steady income from your streams.


However, landing a gaming sponsorship is not necessarily an easy thing. You need to appeal to people who will provide you with financial resources after all. What can you do to land your first gaming sponsorship?


Read on to learn about different elements of this opportunity and some of the best streaming platforms you may want to consider.


The Best Streaming Platforms


  •  Facebook Gaming


Facebook is not solely a social media platform, and many people use the site for a variety of reasons. This just means that you may not gain sufficient watch times and therefore attract potential sponsors.


However, if you are relatively new to streaming and looking to gain a following—something that can be hard to achieve on popular streaming sites—you can try Facebook Gaming. Who knows, fresh opportunities may present themselves as the service develops.


  •  Twitch


Twitch is extremely popular among gaming streamers. For this reason, streaming on Twitch has many advantages and disadvantages. Since it is one of the largest streaming sites on the internet, there is a ton of potential to gain a vast audience and increase your watch time. However, it can be difficult to stand out in the community because of the sea of competition.


Despite these challenges, you may still want to consider this platform since it offers you various ways to monetise streams. And, of course, you can score a lot of gaming sponsorships on Twitch because of its expansive reach.


  •  YouTube


YouTube holds a considerable chunk of the streaming market in terms of watch time. It does not compare yet to Twitch, largely because Twitch does better at allowing users to discover newer streamers.


YouTube boasts a robust algorithm that can suggest diverse streams with the potential to rank well. In addition, this platform lets streamers have access to more comprehensive analytics than Twitch.


On the downside, it is much more challenging to make money through YouTube since it has services other than live streaming. And there are many people who are not necessarily on the platform to sponsor a gamer.


Getting Noticed by Sponsors


Many factors can affect your steady rise as a streamer and get you the opportunity to land a gaming sponsorship. First, you need to increase your audience engagement to gain fans and make your name known in the community.


Some steps you can take to achieve this are:


  •  Do not be afraid to interact with your audience on social media or anywhere outside your stream.
  •  Offer your followers and viewers incentives for staying with you.
  •  Talk to your audience during your streams.
  •  Utilise features that improve interactions, such as a chatbot.


In addition to increasing audience engagement, you also need to be proactive in landing a sponsorship. If you have a brand you wish to work with, reach out to them and express your desire to promote their service or product as a streamer. Find out about their marketing objectives and explain how your stream can add value to their business.




Landing a gaming sponsorship is an excellent learning opportunity that can open many other avenues for you. Beyond scoring partnerships, make sure to choose brands with values similar to yours and with whom you can form long-lasting relationships.


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