How Videogames Are Good For You

gaming personal development May 09, 2022


Believe it or not, video games are beneficial to your health, according to scientific research. Numerous studies confirm these findings (which we will discuss shortly), which disproves the common myth that playing video games is a life ruiner.


Researchers discovered that an hour of gaming affects the brain in unique ways. The researchers found that subjects who spent an hour playing the video game League of Legends had altered brain activity and improved performance on tests of visual selective activity. Moreover, this impact isn’t just limited to one genre.

Different Video Games For You

Since there is a wide range of gaming genres, the human brain can be stimulated in a variety of ways. Here are some facts on how different video games can be good for you:

1.    Strategy Games

Some researchers have discovered that strategy video games affect brain activity and may help improve brain function. This is due to the complexity of these games.


A study on strategy games and brain function was conducted by neuroscientists at the University of California to test the connection between gaming and brain activity. They realized that people who play these games develop increased activity in the hippocampus, a brain structure important for memory and spatial navigation.

2.    Action-Adventure Games

Action and adventure video games can affect brain function. The neuroscientists mentioned above also conducted one study on action and adventure games. They discovered that video game players were better able to stimulate the hippocampus when navigating through a virtual maze.

3.    Puzzle Based Video Games

Puzzle video games can also benefit the brain. Scientists discovered that those who played puzzle games experienced increased brain activity in areas associated with the formation of visual images. This can be a beneficial outcome for older adults struggling with deteriorating brain conditions.

4.    First-person shooters (FPS)

While some people have opposing views on FPSs, they can actually improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, FPS games can enhance your ability to focus your attention on a single task.


FPSs can help develop the ability to track multiple objects simultaneously, according to researchers at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. The study found that people who played FPSs tended to have better visual attention and concentration than non-players.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Video Game Sessions

First, look for a game that stimulates your brain best. Once the game is chosen, make sure you spend the proper time playing. You do not want to play so long that you get frustrated, fatigued, or bored.


Also, make sure to avoid playing frustrating games that can stress you out. To avoid unnecessary tension, it’s always fun to play games with family members and friends.

Words of Advice

The importance of maintaining a video-game/life balance cannot be taken for granted. As much as we all love video games, it is also essential not to let our all-consuming passion for video games affect our work and daily lives. Playing video games from time to time is a great idea, but playing past your limits is not.


The health risks that gamers are exposed to are not worth it, even if there are advantages to playing specific video games. Like any stimulating activity, video games should be enjoyed in moderation.


If you are thinking of getting into video games, why not research and decide on a game. Or, you can use the tips above to find a video game that fits your needs.


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