10 Co-working Do’s and Don’ts: Lessons from an easily agitated man

careers Feb 11, 2019


Going to the same desk in the same office in the same location with the same people is way too 90’s for 2019.

It’s the best way to make your brain go stale and your motivation to work to go mouldy like that half sandwich in your desk draw that you forgot about.

With this change in office culture comes opportunities. Opportunities to annoy fellow coworkers.

Although it’s not always possible to blend in instantly like a sexy chameleon, there are a few things you can do and not do to make your arrival at a new space super smooth.



1: The Noisy Pisser


Why do some guys (some girls actually) like to make sure you know they are urinating by straining as much as possible to get max velocity AND AIM AT THE WATER!?

The fuuuu…

Don’t do it. Stealth is always the best option when on the 1s and 2s.


2: Whisper Talking

You’re either in a section where it’s cool to talk, so just use your inside voice, or you’re in a quiet space. If the later then GTFO.

Whisper talking just makes you sound drunk AF.


3: Gramming or Going Live in quiet spaces


Yeah, you’re new. The super cool fireplace or unique piece of art on the wall is new to you and your tribe, but have some respect for the people who are there for work.


4: Phones not on silent.


Tap, *click sound*, tap, *click sound*, tap… You get it. GTFO.


5: Flirting with everyone


I’ve seen both guys and girls flirt with every new person that comes in. We’re here to work so don’t be creepy.


6: Copying.


Coworking spaces are amazing places to find business partners, collaborators and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Some of the best events at coworking spaces are the show and tell. Where everyone new at the space gets a chance to spend 3 minutes talking about what they do and what help they are looking for.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself and what you do without having to do it with everyone individually.



If you are there to find a business to copy… You. Are. The. Worst. WORST type of human.

Most people who use co-working spaces are either working for a company that is in tune with today’s possibilities or they are entrepreneurial folk that have worked harder than they’ll ever tell you to get to the stage they are. Respect that. Learn about what they do and if you are interested in similar stuff then find a way to work together or get inspired to create your own startup.

Copying and pasting a business from a fellow coworker is the dickiest of all dick moves.


Rant over… Maybe this should have been #1?


7: Not being sociable.

This isn’t really an annoying thing (and if this seems to contradict what I’ve just said, hear me out)… but, keeping to yourself will mean you miss opportunities to grow and learn from others mistakes.

You are in a co-working space that is filled with failure and fortune. Use it.

As I mentioned the show and tell events, use them. You’ll get instant feedback on obvious issues you might not be seeing or worst case, everyone will know who you are and it’ll start useful conversations you didn’t know you needed.


8: Not taking advice


Getting advice is totally fine and a huge benefit. Just don’t be like “Oh nice, great idea” then go back to doing what you always did.

Example: There was a person who spoke a lot with a lot of members, but never put any of the advice into action. The result was they annoyed everyone by having the same conversation to different people multiple times.


9: Be respectful


Similar to what I’ve mentioned, but it’s super important.


10: Personal hygiene


If you’re not sure if you smell or not, assume you do 🙂


Those tips apply here, and if you can master personal hygiene at conventions honestly you can master it anywhere.


BONUS: Treat the staff like coworkers, not like staff.

I’ve seen people do this and I don’t get it. I try to treat everyone as if they are a friend I haven’t met yet…

… so cringy, but accurate.

Coworking spaces are offices without the outdated hierarchical structure. Don’t ruin it by thinking you’re more important than other people there.


SUMMARY: Don’t be a dick.


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