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BIG Festival 2018

Brazil’s Independent Games (BIG) Festival is finally here and Anderson Araújo from Coaching for Geeks went along to take a closer look into all the great games they brought us this year.




BIG Festival has taken place every year since 2012, and in Brazil is considered the most important festival of Independent games in Latin America. Every year indie developers from all over the world submit their games for a critical analysis in different categories. This gives them the chance to compete against each other and win money prizes as a way to strength the game ecosystem in Brazil and around the world. The selected games are exposed for two weeks (one week in São Paulo and one week in Rio de Janeiro), join the award’s ceremony and the developers can lecture to talk about their challenges and accomplishments, or pitch their ideas to investors at the business rounds. Last year, the festival drew a crowd of over 20,000 visitors and this year they intend to have great numbers, once the festival had increased its schedule to cover more games-related field.


Some of the fields covered by the BIG festival include: Audio, where they discuss sound, music and its applications into the creative industry; Brands, that covers advergames as part of big brand’s strategy; Career brings information about the market and hints to help beginners find their way into the industry; The Dev section covers content related to game development and production including art, programming, and game design; Impact is dedicated to games with that have a positive effect on society; VR/AR exposes games in virtual and augmented reality.

This year’s award will be held in São Paulo, although, a second week of expo will take place in Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city in Brazil, where panels meet to discuss video game and its social impacts will be offered.

It is the first time in the history of BIG that the event will be held out of São Paulo, which shows us the importance of it to the Game Market in Brazil and Latin America, being Brazil the biggest video game consumer from Latin America, with a revenue of almost U$ 1,5bi estimated for 2018 according to the Newzoo ranking.

Brazil and Beyond

Despite focusing on the Brazilian market, BIG is open to anyone, and over there is possible to see the very well-known potential of independent developers and all their creativity and innovation brought to life. This year, more than 50 games were selected, and we have chosen our favorites, and on the next few weeks we will be posting our opinions and reviews from them here, on Coaching for Geeks, so stay tuned!

And on the first day I talked with Samuel Lange, Innovation Advisor at TV Escola a project by Roquette Pino, a social federal organization based in Rio de Janeiro that for more than a year studies Virtual Reality to be used in education in a comfy and effective way. The team presented an immersive virtual tour through Rio narrated by a History professor, showing the main touristic, cultural and historical spots in the city.

The goal of the project is to take this technology to public schools in Brazil as a complementary tool, reinforcing the importance of the good use of technology. TV Escola currently has 30 headset kits and has already provided the experience from several classes in Rio and São Paulo. The project is currently looking for partners to expand their project into several other fields of education.



If you are interested to learn more about BIG Festival, it will happen from June 23th to July 1st at the São Paulo Cultural Center and Oi Futuro Cultural Center in Rio and it’s free, except for the business rounds held in São Paulo only. For more info, you can visit their website.



Anderson Araújo


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