CfG’s Games of EGX Rezzed 2019 – Keyboard Cats and Dogs in Hats


Indie games in abundance! Our Convention Survival Guide and plenty of video and in depth hands ons are coming, but for now, here are our games of EGX Rezzed 2019!



Heave Ho – Devolver Digital

“DAVID YOU ARE LITERALLY NOT HELPING” Oh how we laughed as we seethed at each other. The game that nearly made me punch a mute lady. Heave Ho sees 4 players take control of customizable balls with arms. Balls that must make their way, as a team, across single screen screens to reach the goal.

Balls that can reach and grab, and not much else.

Relying on momentum, communication, and teamwork, Heave Ho had us laughing, screaming, and cheering as we FINALLY made it to the end of each stage.




The Octopad – Patrick LeMieux

What happens if you take all the buttons from a NES controller and put one on each of eight pads? The Octopad! That’s what happens. We played Tetris and it became a shouty, delightful, mess where I kept forgetting that I was the only person in charge of going left ever.

Apparently I like shouting at strangers and playing Tetris on The Octopad is cheaper than therapy.

The Octopad can play anything the NES can play and Zelda and Mario were both on show, and will continue to be at Now Play This at Somerset House until 14th April 2019.

Runner Up

MIDI The Cat

A cat platformer controlled by a MIDI keyboard, MIDI The Cat requires no musical knowledge to play, yet you’ll learn a bit as you go. Tap with the rhythm to go faster, play a chord to jump, a scale to climb.



Guest Award from Oliver William Walker 


These trade shows are mental and usually I play approximately 0 games and spend all my time chitter chatting and wandering around like a zombie game designer. But! Not this time!

HoloFist grabbed me with its eye dropping overworld then really got my attention with its strategic grid based battles. Not only did I actually play this game but I waited for a considerable amount of time for the game to free up. Once I sat down with the demo I felt transported back in time to playing wild indie games as a teenager. The gameplay is a fresh take on the turn-based genre and the presentation is on point. Gosh damn I can’t wait to see where that wonderful artifact ends up on release.

Did I mention it’s kinda like Pokémon too?




The Breakfast Club – Foggy Box Games

OK let’s just say ‘I Am Bread’ and get it out of the way. But what if you weren’t just bread. What if you could be everything on the breakfast table?

With a sweet line in puns, FRY HARD, MEAN GRILLS, and a rage inducing control scheme, The Breakfast Club is a bit of a twat, but one I would go drinking with.

Cook food, mess with your mates’ attempts, and hurl that sausage into a bun.

Runner Up

Cake Bash – Coatsink

Feeling like a Mario Party minigame, but less based on bullshit, Cake Bash sees our tasty treats trying to become the most decorated cakes at the table.

Loads of modes, weapons, and laughs.




 Little Friends: Dogs & Cats – Imagineer

RIP all those Nintendogs (and cats but let’s face it who really cares about digital felines unless they’re lions or in Tokyo Jungle?) that haven’t been fed or watered since 2009. You can forget their digital furry corpses and begin the process anew with Little Friends: Dogs & Cats coming to Nintendo Switch sometime soon.

Adopt an animal! Clean its poo! Feed it! Play minigames! Make it wear ridiculous hats without getting into trouble with the RSCPA!

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is less a game and more a light sim. It’s been out in Japan a while and due to land mid 2019 in the West.




PHOGS – Coatsink

Phogs has had an additional 12 months of development since we last played it. Controlling both heads of a double-ended doggie, Red and Blue. The world of Phogs has got even more delightful, eliciting squeals and other totally butch noises from CfG’s Overlord Robin.

Very much one to watch and probably not making it out until the end of 2019, or possibly early 202. This one deserves the time and effort as it’s going to be something special.

Interview with Cal from Coatsink coming soon and thanks to Jack for the always-appreciated convention hugs.

This vid is an old build. It’s so much more now.




Dicey Dungeons – Terry Cavanagh

SIX! Six is the number. Six characters, six levels, six floors. The game of the beast is in fact an adorable roguelike with deckbuilding dice based powers, with each run taking around 30 mins to complete.

Fast paced, very fun, and each character, from the Robot to the Witch, playing in a very different way.

Available now on with a Steam page up for wishlisting, grab it before the price goes up!

Defy chance, beat the odds, and toss some dice.



Beyond Blue – E-Line Media

Created in conjunction with material from BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and set in the near future where tankless diving is possible, Beyond Blue sees diver Mirai exploring the uncharted waters below.

Super chilled, educational without forcing it on you, Beyond Blue comes from the team behind the excellent Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna). With no real danger, the joy of exploring and tracking the undersea world comes through – especially on a noisy show floor when 5 minutes of peace is very welcome.

Beyond Blue is available to wishlist on Steam, and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and possibly Switch in 2019.




By CfG Community Manager Nate Chawey-Nartey

Mable and the WoodAndrew Stewart

Take an RPG, scale back the graphics and then take the traditional movement method and throw it away.

Mable and the Wood turns you into you a living weapon… and pixie… and spider… Traverse land and sky using your abilities to find out why you were summoned in this Metroidvania.

Coming to Steam mid 2019.

Interview with designer Andrew Stewart coming soon to CfG.




Pacer – R8 Games Ltd

It’s Wipeout. But better than Wipeout has been in a long time. The game formerly known as Formula Fusion brings elements of F Zero (for the American market that never embraced Wipeout because they only just discovered dance music and had to label it as EDM), The Designers Republic on icon duty, and an unfathomable set of weapons on your first race, Pacer is beautiful, fast, chunky, and unforgiving.

Coming to console and out of beta on PC fairly soon if the build I played was anything to go by.




No Straight Roads – Metronomik

No Straight Roads is a 3D action platformer and yes, they do have a place in 2019. Taking cues from the best games of all time ever – Gitaroo Man and Space Channel 5 – yet carving its own unique path, No Straight Roads is set in a world where music affects everything. Pitting our heroes of rock against the EDM enemies, timing is key to take down your opponents and OMG SHE GOES PEW PEW PEW PEW WHEN YOU SHOOT.

The first game from Metronomik, setup by Lead Game Designer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer, and Concept Artist of Street Fighter V, Daim Dziauddin, they seek to bring the harmony of music to the masses, without turning it into a rhythm action game.

Interview with the team coming soon and hopefully a publisher announcement too.



There were many more awesome games but these were the ones that made the list. Fight me. x


Robin Bates – The only cod I want is covered in batter


Check out our games of EGX 2018 – did any make it out in one piece?

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