I’ve been having a shitty day.

I’ve spent 4 hours getting to Avonmouth.

Trains were cancelled.

There were no taxis.

I waked for 30 minutes through industrial land, muddy footpaths, HGVs tearing past.

I delivered a presentation that I was ill equipped to do -it needed in depth technical engineering know how – but I muddled through and no, sorry, I cannot answer your question about brake pads.

I had to cancel gaming tonight.

A really lovely lady let me in to the building and we had a laugh about being late for meetings as she showed me where to go.

On my way out I made a point of finding here to say goodbye and wish her a lovely weekend.

“Are you heading to the station?” she asked, “I’m heading that way and can give you a lift if you like?”

On the ride to the station we discussed life, working in Avonmouth (she hates it) where she lives (over an hour away) and we started to make a plan.

She’ll be working on her CV this weekend.

She has a bit of perspective that was maybe missing.

She’s going to look at a few options she’d been ignoring.

The story here?

Be nice to people.


It can get you lifts to places both physical and metaphorical.


Robin Bates


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