Most people think that to have a successful career or business you need to be a born leader, or have a level of arrogance that would make Hal Jordan blush.

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I thought that too. Until a few years ago….

You see, growing up, my best friend was my Spectrum 48k+, then a SNES, then an Amiga, and then….. Well, you get the idea.

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If I really had to, I could fake being social.

I could put on a front to get me through those times when I absolutely HAD to be out peopling, but really when I was, I REALLY didn’t want to be.

But then I went to university and it all fell apart.

My student loan, rather than being spent on rent and pot noodles, bought me a Dreamcast and a bag of weed.

A big bag, but still… and some beer, and some coke (not the cola kind).

I viewed most of my twenties through a drug and alcohol-induced haze

Until EVENTUALLY, I realised something needed to change.

I found myself on the Northern Line, crying my eyes out.

I hated my job. I’d eaten and drunk my feelings, and put on loads of weight. 2 or 3 Gregg’s a day…

Frankly, I loathed the man I’d become.

That was the start of a 15 year journey that got me to where I am today.

I started attending local personal development groups, logging on to forums, and getting books from the library.

I’ve become a practitioner of NLP and IEMT, studied CBT, been through hypnosis, and tried out therapies of all kinds.

But, I realised you don’t need all that to live a more fulfilling life, you just need the basics.

Once you’ve got those nailed, you can change EVERYTHING, as long as you have a support network on hand.

But now I had a different problem, I had all this information in my head, but I wasn’t really doing anything with it.


During a chance conversation with a friend, they suggested I become a coach.

Why hadn’t I realised this before?

Of course!

Not only had I had to fight my own demons, I also had the knowledge and know-how to help other people do the same.

It seems so obvious, that I’m almost embarrassed that I didn’t see it myself.

Wood for the trees etc.

So now I’m the guy with a gentle arm around the shoulder of geeks around the world.

I’ve helped thousands of people online, hundreds in person.

Teachers, drag queens, IT consultants, writers, YouTubers, game designers, cosplayers… – people who knew there was more out there but didn’t know how to get it.

Sometimes I think the world was made for extroverts, but I KNOW the meek shall inherit the earth, even if we need to go home and have a cup of tea and watch some Netflix for a while after.

And now, I‘ve managed to distil all this knowledge down into something I KNOW will be amazing.

The ULTIMATE NERD FORMULA is open now. Doors close, for this year at least, on Sunday.

4 weeks. 4 webinars. 4 live Q&As, 3 bonus modules. 1 action plan for you to make a difference to your life.

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