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eSports! Coaching for Geeks founder, Robin Bates, is a complete an utter eSports N00b. At least he was until he went to Insomnia62 and PAX East…

Eyes opened to the world of professional gaming he sought wisdom, and found it in Jeff Simpkins from Barrage eSports (or at least in his brother James who pushed Jeff forward for the podcast).

Barrage eSports has a great ethos of taking care of their players and being a team players want to play for, so Robin met with Jeff to find out more about the UK eSports scene, the Barrage story, and where to get started to get to grips with the world of professional competitive gaming.

Covering League of Legends, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Rocket League, DOTA, and more, this is the intro to esports you need.

Listen in here or head to iTunes, Spotify, or almost anywhere podcasts like to call home.




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We have more courses, more eSports, and more geekery coming very soon.


In the meantime, don’t forget to be awesome.


Robin Bates – is still rather n00bish

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