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In preparation for my first ever MCM London Comic Con, I diligently looked at all the press material and made sure I had a game plan for the big day (which in my case was the Sunday). I emailed the organiser on which interview sessions I would like to be attend. It was bank holiday weekend so I had loads of social plans but I cut back and made sure I was home at a decent hour on Saturday night. I did some final research and refined my list of clever questions that no one has asked before.  Packed my essentials like water, my schedule, set my alarm and, nervously excited, tried to fall asleep.

“Why this long narrative on the my preparation, Kate?” – you might ask?

Well simply it’s to set the scene, because after all that preparation, it went to naught.

When I arrived at the ExCel centre for MCM London Comic Con, like a magpie to shiny objects there was a sensory geek overload! There were mecha droids, fairies, aliens, scary clowns, those who are skilled in spiritual removal (do you mean Ghostbusters? – Robin), heroes and villains to name but a few.

My schedule to interview my idols slowly disintegrated as I was overwhelmed by MCM!

MCM London Comic Con May 2018

photo credit: Kate Tse

The MCM London Comic Con experience

There was so much to eat, watch, listen, touch, hug and buy! There was different food to try and I especially liked the Chicken Karaege!

I brought some new comics by an independent creator and even met their dad (Hi Mr Penfold Senior!). Ate some delicious Katsu Curry and washed it down with some bubble tea. Met lots of lovely cosplayers, who gave me tips on how to create a realistic looking scar. Nearly got brained by Shaun of the Dead (it wasn’t Simon Pegg – but he looked so much like him!!!!!).

Shaun of the Dead - watch out!

photo credit: Kate Tse

I really had to hold back as there was so much stuff I wanted to buy!!!!  I am now the owner of a beautiful print of No-Face/Kaonashi from Spirited Away.


So my busy schedule of interviewing the talent kinda went out of the window… BUT I did drag myself away from the main halls to interview Kevin Conroy (as far as I am concerned the best Batman, WB) and John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama / Jake from Adventure Time). Thank goodness for voice recorders because Kevin’s voice was mesmerising and I was kinda star stuck, so his answers didn’t really compute in my head.

I think I started jabbering as the whole room started to do the flat hand across the neck. No they weren’t threatening to kill me – apparently that is the gesture they use to sign if we have run out of time. Personally, I am sure there are friendlier hand gestures but each to their own. (It’s like the Wakanda Forever sign and means ‘shut up RIGHT NOW’ and you’re probably on a banned list now – Robin)

John DiMaggio was wonderful and he kept slipping into the Bender voice which was hilarious! He was so eloquent too – I think the girl next to me fell for him a little bit! [yep, I did – Amanda]


John DiMaggio


I’ll withhold some details as you have either experienced the wonderful mayhem that is MCM London Comic Con – or you might plan to go yourself so I don’t want to un-surprise the surprises (is that a word…?). I actually spent most of the day by myself but I didn’t feel alone as everywhere I went I was greeted by a smile.

Jason lift made it out alive


Apart from Jason in the lift… but at least I came out alive.


Kathleen Kate Tse – barely made it out alive…

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