Forex trading has become hugely common in the passing months with a majority of people turning to trading over mobile as a direct result of mobile trading apps and their improved capabilities. But, what exactly is Forex Trading and what do you need to know before beginning to invest? We have compiled a geeks’ guide to forex trading to provide you with all the information you need to know to get started.

What Is Forex Trading?

The Forex or Foreign Exchange Market is a market where currencies are traded and have its own benefits for those looking to invest in currencies. One of the biggest benefits of Forex trading is that it does not have a central market place. This means that every transaction takes place electronically over the counter, so all transactions occur via a network of computers between traders from across the globe.

Due to the market being decentralised through that network of computers, the market can operate 24 hours a day across 5 and a half days per week. These trading hours allow users to trade in almost every time zone with major financial centres of Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

Learning The Market Made Simple With Technology

Trading has come a long way over the years with the implementation of the internet as it has enabled trades to be made over the internet rather than the traditional trade floor. This has, of course, revolutionised the process further as people are now able to access the Forex market from their mobile phone or tablet device, whether they are at home or on the go.

Several mobile trading platforms have provided the ability to use demo accounts and deep learning AI to your advantage to simplify the process of trading. The simplification of the process has made trading much more accessible to individuals, as well as businesses that are looking to make a start in investing in the market that can seem complicated at first. The ability to take out a demo account before investing is a key benefit of technology advancement in the sector, as it provides investors with a risk-free way of learning the market before moving ahead with investing real money on the market.

Understanding The Different Markets

In addition to providing demo accounts and advanced ways of trading, the Foreign Exchange Market has changed in order to accommodate several different investment strategies. As a result, there are three different markets, each of which provides its own advantages and disadvantages.

Spots Market – The spot market is a marketplace that sees currency and commodities traded for an immediate deposit of money. Since the development of OTC trading, spots market trading has seen a huge surge in popularity when compared to the futures market that used to be a popular favourite when trading over the phone. 

Forwards Contracts & Future Contracts – Whilst both contracts are very similar to each other in terms of the long-term investment you are tied into. There are small yet significant differences that differentiate the two. When it comes to a forward contract, it is made using electronics over the counter trading similar to those mentioned previously. This allows for both parties involved in the agreement to discuss the expiration date, as well as how many units you will be purchasing amongst other final details. A future contract, however, is a contract with fixed dates as well as uniform underlying, regardless of the amount you are investing. These can only be traded on the exchange and once used to be the most popular form of investment.

It is important to understand these markets and ensure that you are using the correct one for your investment strategy. By choosing the correct market, you are then guaranteeing that each investment is a profitable one.

Understanding The Risks

Understanding the risk is the final huge must anyone that is looking to invest as the market can fluctuate as economic and politic factors continue to play into the value of currencies. Therefore, it is important to be on top of economic and political news as a way of monitoring your investment in the Forex market.

When you have considered the risks of each trading type and worked towards gaining the insight that you need into the market, you will then be able to take these tools to your advantage to make profitable investments.

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