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30 Day Challenge – the rules so far….

I will be honest with you. My mentor is very much of the ‘just do it and figure it out as you go – what’s the worst that could happen?’ mentality, so this challenge has developed and taken shape over the last week.

Here are the rules/guidance for the challenge.

1) Register at https://www.

2) Add robin@ to your safe list – go check your spam, there may be a couple of emails in there

3) Choose a stat. One stat. We have created a document to help you choose at https://www.

4) Block out 30 minutes a day, every day, in November to work on it. Do it now. Put it in your calendar. Your diary. make in non-negotiable you time. You deserve it.

5) Tell people – your family and friends will help you and want you to succeed – they may also want to join in, so share the link far and wide! https://www.


Once it begins

1) You get a daily email from me reminding you to get stuck in, sharing motivation and my own challenges – I’m doing this too!

2) Upload a piece of evidence every day on that day’s Challenge Thread – don’t spam the group, it will get deleted if it’s anywhere but the given thread

3) Add your evidence by midnight in your time zone to earn that day’s streak star – no exceptions

4) If you break your streak start building it back up again – every star matters and contributes to the collective power level

5) At the end of each 7-day period there will be and end of world Boss. As a collective you must beat its power level to take it down and be victorious

6) Beat the boss, more prizes go into the prize stack

7) Fail to defeat the boss, and I keep the prizes for myself

8) People with the longest streaks at the end of the challenge go into a prize draw to win the prize stack

9) To be in with a chance of winning you must be registered for the challenge, and be a member of the Coaching for Geeks Facebook group –

10) My say is final in all matters relating to the challenge, hot streaks, and the prize stack.

Support each other. Go for the win. Be creative in making the time. Make this work for you!

Any questions? Hit me up!


Robin ‘I promise there’s a plan’ Bates


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