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Do you want to lose belly fat? Because that’s how you lose belly fat.

You want to lose belly fat right? Hre for the fat loss? Otherwise why did you come here fellow geek? Are you being pursued by belly fat and want to lose it in a maze?


Not impossible.

But highly unlikely.

We’re not talking about fat loss with a map and giving it the wrong directions.

Though it does remind me of the old Reebok Belly’s Gonna Get Ya! ad.

Ads were great in the 90s.

Getting away from the point. Back to fat loss.

That point is that Coach Austin‘s latest video with his 3 tips to lose belly fat is available now.

I’ve been working with him for about 3 months and despite being a confirmed lazy geek am about to go down a waist size.

It’s time to level up and drop the belly fat.

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Coach Austin – Geek Fitness Superhero

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