Introversion has a bit of a bad rep in today’s “always on” social online world. We often get mistaken for being rude and antisocial. As humans, social events are a must. It keeps your mental state healthy and confidence. They are fun, entertaining and a great way to meet new people for friendships, relationships and work.

Introverts, like extroverts, shine at particular event (class) types. Here is are a few options of tried and tested event types for the introverted type.

1: Art gallery opening/exhibition

Art gallery opening / exhibition

Good for: Networking, Dating

Art galleries and exhibitions are a great event to go to as an introvert. They have a good chilled and relaxed vibe about them. There is often drinks going round and all art is a matter of opinion, which makes conversation easy.

Starting a conversation is as easy as “So what do you think of that piece?”

For networking and dating, having easy conversation starters is a massive bonus. As an introvert event, it’s amazing because if you need a bit of you- time, just walk around slowly, looking at art.

There are a lot of these events going on so check out Facebook events and for these. 

2: Language meet-ups

Language meet-ups

Good for: Networking, Dating

Learning a second language is not only great for your brain connections but also good for your personal connections.

There are a load of apps that let you learn the basics and have basic conversations such as Duolingo and Memrise. Better yet get some one-on-one lessons. They will know of some good social events to go to for the level that you’re at. is a great place to find other folks looking to converse in a new language.

3: Silent Disco

 Silent Disco

Good for: Social, Dating

An introverts rave! Silent discos are some of the best events I’ve been too. A choice of music, volume control, easy conversation starters and easy conversations. 

Starting a conversation as easy as “What are you listening too?” and continuing is as simple as removing the headphones.

There are normally events going on, but if you want to host your own, just head to No extra equipment needed and the first one is free.

Hosting one in a park is a great way to have a social event where you don’t have to be too social.

4: Dinner in the dark

Dinner in the dark

Good for: Dating

Bit of a weird one here. If you’ve never heard of dinner in the dark, it’s exactly as you’d imagine. 

You pre-book your meal of a choice of meat veggie and you are placed in a completely pitch-black dining room by blind wait staff.

This is a great and different date experience. Any new experience is an awesome way to make a connection with someone and this is as unique as they come. Also – try the Escape Room that is entirely in the dark.

5: Wine tour

Wine tour

Good for: Networking, Social, Dating

There is lots of wine. The vineyards are lovely to visit and it’s a good excuse to get dressed up.

Conversation is as easy as “What did you think of the Chardonnay?”

Perfect next level for a date as it can be one to one with hints of mingling with other folks on the tour. If you’re feeling really fancy you can hire a private driver to take you around the locations.

6: Mini / Frisbee Golf

Mini / Frisbee Golf

Good for: Social, Dating

A good bit of relaxed competition amongst friends and new friends is always good to build rapport. Mini golf as we all know is great fun, and there has recently been a bit of a revival of the classic with places like Holy Moley in Perth, or Junkyard Golf in London. 

Frisbee golf is just outdoors, with a frisbee and the only obstacle will be hills, trees, other folks in the park. It’s great fun and fairly new which makes the whole outing interesting for everyone. 

Conversation with both comes easily as you compare each player’s skills and if you want some space you can just walk around the course a bit. 

7: Dancing in the dark

Dancing in the dark

Good for: Exercise, Social

This might be a new one that no-one knows. It’s a bit random but basically you all rock up in a hall, they play loud music with the lights off. 

Essentially you are dancing (or doing whatever) with a group of people and no one can see anything. 

Pro tip: Keep flailing arms to a minimum and moving around as you will potentially clothesline someone. I speak from experience.

It’s weird, it’s fun and afterwards, you get to laugh and chat about the weird shapes no one saw you throw. I found this event on

8: Sunset Walks

 Sunset Walks

Good for: Exercise, Social, Dating

Who doesn’t love a good walk as the sun goes down over the horizon? It’s good for your mental state, it’s nice to do it just in a pair or now there are some networking events that do this. 

Walking gets the heart rate up a touch and it avoids awkward silences and generally, introverts do love a bit of people watching.

Getting lost in a walk is also fun. Even if you’ve lived in a city for a while, you’ll find yourself finding new places. 

9: Painting Class

Painting Class

Good for: Dating

Any activity where you are doing something a little creative and you get to keep a souvenir is a win in my books. There is almost always wine.

Painting classes are a good mix between being social and some personal time. 

There are a few types that you can go to. The main one is where everyone in the class paints the same painting, while the teacher comes round and gives you some hints and tips on how to achieve specific parts of the painting. 

Another is where it’s a free for all. Everyone gets to paint whatever. I like these as I get to have a go at painting my favourite memes. It’s a great way to show a bit of humour and have a bit of fun. 

Take a look on local “what’s on” sites or Facebook and are also good places to find these classes. 

10: Observatory

Good for: Dating, Learning

Now, this isn’t an everyday thing, but when an observatory has a special event on, they do it pretty well. It’s a very calming and educational experience.

Conversation is easy as there are so many questions you’ll probably have. 

Very cool for a different date night. It’s dark, intimate and it’s going to be a fairly unique experience.

If you’re living in some random places this might not be as easy but if you do have the chance to try an event out then I highly recommend. 

11: Camel / Horse ride

Camel / Horse ride

Good for: Dating, Social, Confidence

More likely a horse ride – but if you are in Australia, there is likely to be a camel farm you didn’t know of. 

Spending time with some big animals this way is really good as a day out. It’s calming and you get to bond with them as well as the people you are hanging out with.

I went on a date in Perth with a local and she had no idea this was a thing! It went on for about 45mins to an hour and it was really chilled. We were pretty close to each other so conversation was pretty easy and again, a unique experience.

Horse riding is pretty similar and horses are actually used to help with empathy and management skills. There’s a fun fact for you!

12: Bounce Trampoline Parks

Bounce Trampoline Parks

Good for: Exercise, Social, Confidence

Not exactly an introverts activity, but for something different, jumping around on massive trampoline floors and foam pits is amazing fun.

The whole park is designed to be an idiot and injury-proof place, but if you try hard enough, you can achieve anything.

I added this in because it’s like an adult fun park. Also, you can launch yourself into the foam pits and pretend that you can fly.

They do fitness classes and dodgeball events. Another way to get to know new folks.

You also get a cool pair of socks to take home. (Other parks exist, and you might not get a pair of socks at all of them).

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