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Kurtis Kehoe joins the Coaching for Geeks team to add his expertise and experience to our dating coach services.

You’re in for a treat with Kurtis Kehoe as our new dating coach! With his quirky sense of humor and unique experience with the matters of the heart, you’ll surely find something that you can relate to and learn from, whether you’re an old hand or taking a tentative step into the water. 


At the age of 21, he grew tired of getting rejected and falling into that infamous “friend zone”. After his heart got broken for the 300th time, Kurtis set out on a mission to find true love. He wanted to find a way to be successful with women without sacrificing his own values and merits. His motto was “quality over quantity”, and didn’t want that endless barrage of the lowest common denominator – one and done – types. Instead, he wanted to attract the highest quality members of the fairer sex and find that once in a lifetime “all-in” partner. 


And that he did. Growing his own strategies and building social confidence through use of spreadsheets, charts, and graphs (as only us nerdy types do) he came face to face with his fears and anxiety over rejection.


Armed with his newfound talent, Kurtis managed to find consistency in dating. Becoming a relationship role model and “go to guy” with friends and family, and successfully completing his mission by getting married and starting a family of his own. 


Sadly, it didn’t end happily ever after. Fast-forward nearly a decade – following a series of unfortunate events – he was rocketed into the role of single father to three tiny versions of himself. 


This was a dark time for our hero. Once again, lonely, scared and rejected. Only, this time, with three fully dependent children. Depression hit him hard. Until one day he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Shaggy bearded, beer bellied, Dorito stained shirt – and took a good long look at himself, and realized he had to hit the respawn button.

Pokemon Go game


This is where he was slapped in the face with the “holy shit – the dating world has changed” reality of today’s modern life. The women his age were no longer the 20 something carefree types, but are now in their 30s. Some have been hurt themselves. Not to mention that smartphones were doing most of the meet up work for you with their numerous dating applications. A swipe left or right that takes away the spark of the much needed “in person” contact.


With a characteristic shrug, he got to work jotting down as much knowledge as he could remember from before marriage. He did it once before, he surely could again…


Kurtis was a member of many different divorce support groups. Sharing stories and helping those who have gone / are going through the same types of trauma. Both men and women alike. He was also a member of several different dating apps, testing out countless greeting techniques and profile designs until he found a unique fit that seemed to work out in his favor. His phone and schedule exploded with participants willing to chat or head out for one on one meetings. He felt his confidence grow.

cartoon couple


But it wasn’t enough. There was something missing. All this online text conversation didn’t have that goose-bumping, hair raising, butterfly-belly inducing spark that only comes with the meeting of someone face to face. So, with his newfound confidence, he ditched the digital version of himself and decided to give the real world a try.


Less than a week later he hit pay dirt and met the girl of his dreams. A girl, who with amazing grace, picked HIM up! That was 2 years ago, and they are still to this day all head over heels with one another. It’s quite barf inducing. Get a room will you?!

Now Kurtis (The Online Dating Dad) is creating “The ODD way of dating” to share his story.

Giving wisdom to both men and women on the subjects of:


  • Plugging in – Internet dating
  • Character skins and backgrounds – Online profiles and best practices
  • Building Charisma – Getting over the fear of rejection
  • Mastering the dialogue box – How to start a conversation with the opposite sex
  • Respawning – Overcoming past relationship trauma
  • Charisma +2 – Being confident in who you are instead of becoming someone your not
  • Being like Batman – Always plan ahead
  • And so much more!


It worked for him (his sickeningly cute relationship with his partner of over 2 years is testament to that) and his approach will work for you too. 


Working with men and women alike, Kurtis as our new dating coach specialises in working on yourself first and overcoming any trauma to get you back in the game.


During his spare time you can find Kurtis designing his graphic tees, playing video games of all genres with his kids, building epic pillow forts, and singing his face off at the nearest karaoke bar.



Welcome to the team Kurtis!


You can follow him on twitter at @onlinedatingdad or come find him in the FB group at


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