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skytear board game review

Skytear – The Tabletop Review

Tearing a new era in competitive boardgaming Post Launch Update – 22 January 2020 Skytear is now in the process of fulfilment and finally I have had my copy delivered. After everyone’s favourite moment of unboxing and smelling that new board game smell (don’t even pretend you don’t) I went about checking I’d received what was promised and it was... Read More

Camp Wildfire Review: Updated for 2020

Earlybird tickets are now on sale! Use our Camp Wildfire link to get £10 off your ticket! There is a magical place in the woods near Sevenoaks and I have just returned home the better for having visited. Camp Wildfire, hidden away on the St Clere Estate, in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK is billed as a half music festival and half... Read More

Hey introvert! How to take a compliment you smart, sexy, beast.

You’ve gone out, maybe to a show, convention, party, or perhaps to work. Danger could even be lurking in your own home with friends, family, partners, or guests. The worst has just happened – someone has GASP praised you, your work, something you’ve done. They have given you a genuine, heartfelt, compliment. How dare they? Now you feel awkward and... Read More

Variant 31 Review & Interview

UPDATE 15 January 2020 Variant 31 appears to have closed its doors forever, with production company Zombie Shows London Ltd going into administration. Chapter 2 was due to open in March 2020, supposedly dealing with the technical issues and implementation of the promised effects, however, having attended I’d have been very surprised if they ever had the space or technology... Read More

Adventure is Served – Role Play Gourmet

Immersive ‘dinner, show and adventure’ crosses culinary skills with role playing games. Tickets for Role Play Gourmet are available now The innovative ‘dinner, show and adventure’ styled on a fantasy role playing game Role Play Gourmet is served at Vault Festival 2020. This interactive, gaming and dining experience all rolled into one is written and directed by Vault Festival favourite... Read More

‘Showing up Daily’ as an introvert

If you’re growing a business, Twitch/YouTube channel, or following of any kind, you’ve probably been told the importance of Showing Up Daily. After all “80% of success is just showing up. ”Turning up and engaging with your people. Sharing content. Responding to comments. Leading. Selling. Promoting. Showing off your products, your services, your channel, your show, your wins, and your... Read More

Gaming and Self Care

Video games! They’re great. They allow us to explore far off worlds, conquer wild beasts, and enjoy the unlikeliest of scenarios such as owning a property and having a stable relationship, thank you The Sims! Gaming can be an undeniable force for good, with friendships forged across the globe, achieving common goals, beating the forces of evil, and raising money... Read More

Stamper Bros? Royal Mail Release Commemorative UK Gaming Stamps

Whoever could have foreseen the day when Dizzy of the Yolk Folk would end up on a stamp? And yet here we are, with the Royal Mail releasing a set of stamps celebrating UK Gaming from the 1980s and 1990s. The stamps have been made in conjunction with trade body UKIE who helped select the influential games of the era,... Read More

Networking for Nerds and Introverts

NETWORKING FOR NERDS – IN PERSON Cast your mind back to around 2003. Beyonce had gone solo and Crazy in Love was being played everywhere. Outkast’s Hey Ya was released and to this day refuses to die. The Bride awoke in Kill Bill Part One. Finding Nemo is a massive hit, Daredevil less so. The Human Genome Project is declared... Read More

Review: She Sees Red

She Sees Red Review by Matt Salmon A game that feels more like a budget cinematic interactive story rather than a challenger for the next big FMV game. Every choice matters? When a game starts with the phrase, every choice matters you expect that the game will have plenty of player choice and make them feel like they are shaping... Read More

The CfG Awards 2019 – WINNERS

HERE COME THE WINNERS! It’s been another phenomenal year for geek culture, as we claim an ever larger share of the voice of pop culture. Coaching for Geeks’ end of year awards celebrates the big, the bold, and the unsung heroes. The Coaching for Geeks community made its nominations and the public voted throughout December… and it’s safe to say... Read More

Review – Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory By Cyanide Studio and Black Shamrock Published by BigBen Interactive Available on Epic Games Store. Coming to Steam in 2020. In 1984 West End Games released the Paranoia RPG, upending the expectations of gamers who were used to thinking in terms of “cooperation”, “trust” and “friendship”. Set in Alpha Complex, the remains of humanity (after an... Read More

Ion: making the bond between games and education stronger – Review

Science is amazing. It is one of the biggest passions in my life. But it can be hard, really hard, to understand at times. The ability to grasp and understand key scientific principles can shape and develop how we think, which is how we progress intellectually as a species. Getting this information across can be tough. There are some wonderful... Read More

Review: Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

Picture your typical noir detective scene… now throw that out the window and instead imagine bright colors, a zoosworth of different animals, goofy dialogue, a mystery to be solved, and you now have Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard by Grace Bruxner. You’re a detective, and a frog, and it’s time to solve a mystery. Also there’s... Read More

The CfG Awards Nominees 2019

Here are all our nominees for the Coaching for Geeks Awards 2019. The Coaching for Geeks Community made its nominations and we whittled them down to these few worthy games, movies, bands, shows, and people. If you’re already ready to vote head on over to the voting page. If you want more information on our nominees, you’re in the right... Read More

Coaching for Geeks Awards 2019

... Read More
Mirador header

Mirador – The Review

Mirador shows a lot of promise but lacks any real content to be a game you can truly invest in Indie games always come in different forms, you get some games that are new pieces of art, they capture you instantly and become a world wide phenomena or just a cult classic like with Cuphead or Celeste, there are also... Read More

Become the ultimate NERD!

Most people think that to have a successful career or business you need to be a born leader, or have a level of arrogance that would make Hal Jordan blush. I thought that too. Until a few years ago…. You see, growing up, my best friend was my Spectrum 48k+, then a SNES, then an Amiga, and then….. Well, you... Read More